Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Year 5 camp is amazing!!

Hello our names are Bailey and Iziah and this is us at year 5 camp 

Year 5 camp was amazing because we got to learn new activities like abseiling, air rifles and archery.
We really enjoyed the nature trail and the orientation walk. morning tea and lunch was great because we had one fancy and one plan and for lunch we had to make our own sandwiches we had mayo lettuce cheese cucumber and beetroot tomato. Iziah went to the confidence course - the tricky part about was the tyres the easiest part was going threw the TUNNEL! that is how much fun is year 5 camp next year 5s are going to have a blast.

By Bailey Bates and Iziah Scott 


  1. i want to be back in year five i cant remember which activities were at year five and year six camp. (in other words i get very confused but all the activities i remember were fun)

  2. Year 5 camp was amazing my favourite thing was going down the water slide :)

  3. I wish i could go back i didn't get to do the slide :(

  4. i wish that i could be tHere again as a year 6


  5. did you eat any mud miss robbinson