Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Fair Trade Day

In the senior syndicate have been learning about fair trade.
Fair trade is about swapping one thing for another not involving money.
Since we were learning about fair trade the teachers decided that we should have a fair trade day to see what it is kind of like for the people who sell s

Our massages went really well. We had a really big line of people waiting which showed us it was popular. We got lots of yummy food from my trades. We would change the number of people in our group because we needed more help because we were so busy. Our highlight would be all the food we got from my trades.
We loved trade day !!
By Greer and Keira

1.We think what went well was our spot because lots of people walked past and could see what we were trading.
2.The fortune cookies,lemonade and wooden toys went fast because they were popular. We think the cookies went first because they were unique, the lemonade sold fast because it was hot and Adam's wooden toys were really well made.
3.What we would change is having more advertising posters and more cookies
4.Selling out was our highlight.
5.I think we should get better at having fairer trades.
By Ethan L, Tom and Lachie

Yesterday was trade day.The start was chaos,the different syndicates came down to look,some kids tried to sell their clothing for food,origami,drinks and more food.We sold really well.I think the raffle and the silver water balloon went really well and made more customers come back.
By Ryan

  On the 1st of December Wakari School had a Trade Day.
         I think that Adam's wooden toys was very popular and he should of made more.
I think next time(if we do it again)I should still do the Chocolate Crunch but another thing as well.     My highlight was the lemonade and hair styles place because when you get a new hair style you get a fizzy drink.
By Jack A.
What went well- we think what went well was that we sold out totally.

We think that Adam's stall sold the best because his creations were well made and unique.

We would change how many things there were - we wanted more.

Highlight/ low point.
Our highlight was selling everything. Our low point was unsuccessful trades.
By Violet and Bram
What went well?
Our lemonade went well because it sold out really quickly.
What items were the most popular?
cookies,lemonade and wood toys.
What would you change if you did it again?
More people helping at the stall and more lemonade bottles and hair styles.
What was the highlight of the day?
selling out,making fair trades and getting compliments.

by Dean and Blake.

I think our trade stall went well because we got 10 customers. We were doing first aid. The thing that we used the most were bandages. The thing that we would change is sharing our trades out better. The highlights of trade day for us were the number of people that brought something to trade with us.
By Maddix and Tyler

On December the 1st  me & Max did Fortune Telling. We had about 8 or 9 customers. We were not expecting to get that many customers. We think that the people with drinkable and edible things went really well because it was a warm day and people wanted to keep cool. When we do it again we need more and better fortunes to attract more customers.Our highlight for today was getting crowded by the middles and juniors.
By Josh and Max