Monday, 28 September 2015

Our Science investigations

As part of observing and recording change we have been investigating kitchen chemistry.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Art Gallery

On Monday Room 12 went to the art gallery.
We were welcomed by a man named John.
He showed us a artwork by Robin White.
Then he talked about a technique called ‘ light to dark “ to make further away thing look further.
He showed us a quick documentary of Dunedin’s highlights.
We studied the harbor to make our workshop artwork.
It was lots of fun doing the artwork we could not have do it without
John’s help.
We hope you had as much fun as we did at the art gallery.

                                   by Tyler and Josh.

Wakari school fair

On Sunday 20th September Wakari School is having a school fair. Room 12 and 13 have been making candy floss.The whole school has been making stuff to sell at the fair.The parents have also been donating things to the school.There will be a bouncy castle, a sausage sizzle, candy floss, dunk the dude and pony poo grid, a whole lot of cool things and stalls.

by Blake and Dean.

Science with Dave

On Tuesday Room 12 did some chemistry with Dave from the University of Otago. He brought along a big tank full of liquid nitrogen. He poured it into a pot with a balloon and Maddix's theory proved correct: when it  gets cold it shrinks,when it gets hot it expands. He also brought dry ice and put it into warm water and Greer had a taste of home made soda stream with no flavour.At the end we did measuring with canola oil and water with green food colouring in it. At the very end he got a recycling bin and put warm water in the bin then it went BOOM!!!!!!

                                                  by Greer and Bram

Monday, 7 September 2015

Masterchef part 2

So today me and Sam C went down to the New World at the Gardens again to cook-off against Opoho School. We had to decorate a cake, with cream and jam in the middle. We had a budget of $10. The cake was already made - it was a sponge cake.
We made Principal Skinner and Opoho made a digger.
It was fun and we were under lots of pressure. We left school at 11am and arrived back at 12:40pm.
By Ryan

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


The teachers came up with a idea to do clubs .
The clubs were cooking, photography, chess, dance, squash, drumming and spanish.
Cooking made mac and cheese, Photography seen pictures of Mr South when he was younger, Chess had to vs Mr Smith, Dance went up to junior classes and helped them with learning, Squash went down to the Dunedin squash club, Drumming was practicing rhythm and beat and spanish made a book with lots of different spanish words.    
By Verity 

In photography we went around the school taking pictures on an iPad each. We took Pictures of people in nature, nature, portrait, landscape and a selfie. I really enjoyed taking photos and I'm looking forward to taking some more pictures next Wednesday.
By Sarah

The great flag debate - should we or shouldn't we?

At the moment New Zealand is debating whether we should get a new flag or not. The designs have been narrowed down to four options.

We wrote expositions about this issue. Here are some of our thoughts....

I think that we should change the flag because we have had the current one for many years now. One reason why we should change is that the colours aren't that exciting. Another reason is because we have grown out of the current one. 
By Lachie

Do we really need a new flag? What wrong with the old one? It doesn't matter if we just keep the old one as it does no harm.
All of the money is just going to waste. Think of all the kids and adults that don't have enough food or even a house! The money could be spent on them instead.

I think that that flag shouldn't be changed. It's cool to have a similar flag to Australia because we used to be connected but an earthquake broke us apart. I think that we don't need to spend $23 million on getting a new flag when it should be spent on something like curing kids with cancer or kids thast go to school and have no lunch. Our flag is fine the way it is, why change it!?
By Sarah

Should we change the flag? I think no, it's a waste of time and money. 
I think we shouldn't change the flag because the money could go to other things like cancer research and poverty. It shouldn't be changed because we fought in two world wars with our current flag and its been with us since 1840. The money should go towards cancer research because a cancer cure is better than a flag and New Zealanders died with our current flag in both world wars. We should put more money to poverty to sort houses without insulation and providing food for people who don't have enough.
By Blake

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Floating needle

Today the Crunchies reading group tried to get a needle to float on water. We used tissue paper to stop the needle sinking straight away.
Zane and Jack thought the needle would float. Hala thought the needle would sink.

After about 3 minutes the needle.....FLOATED! The paper sank to the bottom of the cup.

Wakari Masterchefs

me (Ryan) and sam.c
went down to new world gardens to join in a my little kitchen rules bake
off.we had to make lollie cake.our lollie cake was a lollie cake snake
we used green fondant for leaves gummy licorish alsort eyes
i was so fun  

Film Festival

The Senior Syndicate were lucky enough to recently attend a series of short movies at the Regent Theatre. There were a mixture of different movies - claymation, basic cartoons and scribbles. There was one about a zebra who ran into a tree and started changing colours.It was really funny.
Our favourites were the ‘Deer and the Rabbit’ and ‘Wayne the Stegosaurus’ movies because both of them were funny and the animations were really well done. We liked all of the different movie genres and it was cool the way some of them used rhyme and music instead of voices. After the Film Festival we visited the Public Library.
We hope we get to go again next year.

By Bram Casey and Ethan Lambeth

Kitchen Chemistry

The Senior Syndicate have been conducting some Kitchen Chemistry investigations for Science. We've been observing and recording change.
We have learnt about parts of Science investigations and what it means to do a fair test.

In the egg dropping experiment we chose a variable to change and tested what we predicted would happen...

In Room 12 we made an indicator solution with red cabbage and tested substances to see if they were an acid, alkali or neutral. We had to use our knowledge to solve a crime.

In Room 3 we had to use different ways to separate materials including evaporation and sieving. 
In  Room 13 we talked about temporary and permanent change, got to taste butter and then used bunsen burners to permanently change sugar, golden syrup and baking soda into.......hokey pokey!